16" x 20" watercolor - framed

I often spend time in Bethlehem and have fallen in love with the beautiful stone construction of the Moravian buildings. One warm autumn afternoon I decided to take pictures of the old buildings. During my visit the sun illuminated the front of the Waterworks and the two trees which seem to stand guard with a beautiful golden light. Seeing this I knew it was time to pick up my brushes and do my part to preserve the beauty of this historic building.

A little history about the building...
In 1741 Moravians settled on the banks of the Lehigh River near the Monacacy Creek in what is now known as Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Many of their industrial buildings were built along the creek. This area is referred to as the Colonial Industrial Quarter. One of the buildings located there is the Waterworks. Built in 1762, the Waterworks housed America's first pumped town water system. The building is now recognized as a National Landmark.

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