Detwiller House, Easton

Detwiller House
16" x 15" watercolor-framed

The Detwiller House is located on the center square in Easton, PA. I am attracted to the elegance and detail of it's architecture and amazed that it exists on a building that is over 150 years old! Some day I would love to save a beautiful, old building and restore it. Until that day comes, I will satisfy my urge by painting them. I hope my paintings reveal their beauty and value to at least one other person who hasn't seen it on their own yet.

A little history...
This building was once owned by Dr. Henry Detwiller (1795-1887). Dr. Detwiller actively practiced medicine for 72 years!

The picture below is intended to show you the size of the framed painting.

watercolor painting of building Center Square Easton PA

Updated 1/11/09 with better photos.